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Top Ten Viral Email Marketing Tips

The following are ten viral email marketing tips any business can employ to get the most out of their viral email marketing campaign:


  1. Make sure it's appropriate to include a "forward" message - some of your email content won't be appropriate for forwarding
  2. Make the "call to forward" appropriate to your viral email marketing campaign message and target audience. Tailor your "call to forward" to the goals, content and audience of the campaign. Word your "call to forward" very carefully to match your audience and maximize forwarding. Remind users to forward the message appropriately
  3. remind users to not spam everyone they know with a message that might not be appreciated. Remind users to use the forward button you provide in the email, not the forward button in their email software
  4. Be careful when offering rewards to users for forwarding. Offering incentives for forwarding may increase the amount of forwarding, but it also increases the chances that users will spam their entire mailing list with your message, which could have negative consequences on your branding efforts
  5. Carefully consider what you want recipients to do and how you want them to feel. Make sure it's easy for recipients of your viral email to act in ways that meet your campaign goals -- ie buy your product, sign up for your newsletter, forward the email to a friend, etc
  6. Don't forget your Brand. Include your logo and name consistently in all viral email marketing
  7. Pick the most appropriate email format. match the content of your viral email marketing campaign, along with the intended audience, to the most appropriate email format or technology -- in some cases it will make sense to send a text-only email, and in other cases you'll want to send a graphic/html email, etc.
  8. Use software that measures viral email activity
  9. Vary placement of the "call to forward" in your emails don't always place your "call to forward" button in the same place or your readers will develop "forward link blindness" and stop seeing/using your link. Experiment with different colors, sizes and placement of your "call to forward" link to maximize forwarding.
  10. Consult with professionals when pursuing viral email marketing.


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Viral Marketing
Viral marketing or "word-of-mouth marketing" describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure and influence.

Did you know that 70% of consumers say that viral marketing or "word-of-mouth" promotion has a significant impact on their purchase decisions?

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